About me



  • Name : Frédéric Monjo
  • Age : 23
  • Job : Student
  • Location : Toulouse, France


  • 2006-2007 – ENAC/UPS/UT1 – Master Pro II IHM (Computer-Human Interaction)
  • 2005-2006 – IUP ISI (IT Systems Engineering) – Master I
  • 2004-2005 – IUP ISI – Licence III
  • 2003-2004 – IUP ISI – Licence II
  • 2002-2003 – DEUG MIAS – Licence I (Mathematics)

Professional experience

  • 2007 : Internship at AREVA Transmission & Distribution Montpellier – 5 months
    Title : System Configuration Editor tool usability evaluation and prototyping
    Impact : System design and configuration for AREVA customers
    Objectives : Evaluate current SCE usability, then prototype next tool generation from scratch
  • 2006 : Internship at the Social Security Center of Toulouse – 5 months
    Title : Agile Software engineering process migration
    Impact : Indoor Developments Team
    Objectives : Change their software development process for an Agile one.
  • 2005 : Internship at Airbus Toulouse St-Eloi – 5 month
    Title : Spares Suppliers Catalog Database
    Impact : Airbus Spares Support France – Airbus “business” department
    Objectives : Make a software and find a business process for analysing and managing suppliers price catalogs
  • 2004 : Internship at Airbus Toulouse St-Eloi – 5 month
    Title : Spares Supplier Catalog Database Prototyping
    Impact : Airbus Spares Support France
    Objectives : Make a software and business prototypes to check supplier’s catalogs management feasability

Worldwide contribution and publishing

  • Contributor of the IceScrum project, an open-source Scrum management tool
  • Full rewriting of the “Scrum” article on french Wikipedia
  • Professional blog since April 2006 : Agile software engineering and CHI design

Personal tastes

  • Music : Jazz, Electro-Acoustic, Disco, Groove, Classical… Well, everything except French Rap and derivates
  • Hobbies : Piano, Synthetizer, Programming
  • Sports : Bicycle, Cardio-training

Une réponse à “About me”

6 03 2008
Duccio Picinotti (11:20:30) :

Hi, I’m an italian student of the Siena’s University. I’m studing Informatic Engineering at the 5° years (the last year of the specialistic university in italy).
I’m interested about an internship in Airbus (in Toulouse) for my final project before the graduation. I have searched some contacts in the Airbus’s site for an internship, but I’ve not finded email contacs to ask some information about an internship. Can you help me? Have you a contact where I can ask about an internship at Airbus? Who contacted you for your internship?

Thanks a lot
Duccio Picinotti

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